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Condicionador indicador AC carrier ou DC strain gage 7541 honeywell

Condicionador Indicador AC Carrier ou DC Strain Gage

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Condicionador Indicador AC Carrier ou DC Strain Gage
Condicionador Indicador AC Carrier ou DC Strain Gage
Principais características


• May be calibrated in two directions (clockwise and counterclockwise or tension and compression)
• Fast, rock-solid readings with high noise immunity - 2000 samples/sec for torque, head, or drawbar force input - 1 ms response for speed
• One or two channel input
• Six-digit engineering unit with legends and 0.01 % resolution max.
• RS-232, RS-422, RS-485 serial communication
• Auto-scaled ±5 V and/or ±10 V analog outputs
• No pots, batteries, fans, maintenance, or external power supplies
• Excitation: ac carrier models, 3.28 kHz, 3 V rms; dc models, 5 V or 10 V dc, user selectable
• CE approved

Order code

7541-111 ac excitation, single display
7541-112 ac excitation, dual display (two inputs)
7541-115 ac excitation, torque, RPM, hp (displays 2 of the 3)
7541-101 dc excitation, single display
7541-102 dc excitation, dual display (two inputs)
7541-105 dc excitation, torque, RPM, hp (displays 2 of the 3) 



These advanced instruments provide engineering unit display
of a strain gage (mV/V) input and a frequency input. They also
compute power and perform 21 functions including limit checks,
tare, hold and max./min. capture. You needn’t write code or add
hardware to be up and running a productive test.
The alphanumeric readout can display measured and computed
data, units of measure, and test status. During setup, it guides
you with English language prompts. There are no manual adjustments.
To calibrate, enter the full scale value in engineering units
and auto-cal takes over. Provides 0.01 % (max.) resolution and
±5 V and/or ±10 V analog outputs at full scale. The keyboard accesses
measured data, held data, max./min. data, data spread,
limit status, and/or I/O status without disruption. Password protection
may be used, if needed. 


General Specifications

Characteristic / Measure

Strain gage input Any 80 ohm to 2K ohm transducer, directly
wired or transformer coupled. 4, 6, or 7 wire circuits are accommodated
Transducer excitation, ac models 3 Vrms, 3.28 kHz ±0.01 % sine wave.
Regulated and short circuit protected
Transducer excitation, dc models 5 V or 10 V dc, user selectable, regulated
Sensitivity 1.0 mV/V to 4.5 mV/V with 50 % overrange; automatically scaled
Input resistance 100 mohm in parallel with 33pF
Automatic null In Phase: ±10 % of full scale (with 50 % overrange), ±60 % of full scale (with 0 % overrange).
Quadrature: ±1 mV/V
Auto calibration Dual polarity shunt calibration with provision for CAL resistor feedback
Spurious signal rejection 60 Hz: 120 dB common mode, 100 dB normal mode. Carrier quadrature: 60 dB
Anti-alias filter 200 Hz, 7-pole Bessel response filter
Low-pass filtering Four-pole Bessel response digital filter with 11 cutoff frequencies from 0.1 Hz to 200 Hz in 1-2-5 steps


Environmental Specifications

Characteristic / Measure

Temperature effects, zero ±0.001 % of full scale/°F max.
Temperature effect, span ±0.001 % of full scale/°F max.
Frequency input Any unidirectional or bidirectional (quadrature) source including selfgenerating and zero velocity magnetic pickups, optical encoders, flowmeters, etc. When used with bidirectional sensors, the conditioner outputs both direction and magnitude
Input impedance and configuration
Differential or single ended inputs. 100kohm differential, 50 kohm single ended
Input threshold (keypad selectable) 10, 20, 50, 100 or 200 mV pk-pk (between inputs) or TTL
Maximum voltage ±130 Vdc or 130 Vrms
Input signal bandwidth 0.001 kHz to 200 kHz (10 mV to 200 mV pk-pk threshold) 0.001 kHz to 400 kHz (TTL threshold)
Display ranges and resolution
Rangeless (use any full scale engineering unit value) with 50 % overrange.
Resolution is 0.01 % of full scale
Low pass filter (keypad selectable) 20 kHz (-3 dB) or none (this filter is not available for TTL inputs)
Response time Greater of: 1 ms, typ (2 ms worst case) or the input pulse length
Common mode rejection 80 dB (60 Hz), 55 dB (0 kHz to 10 kHz)
Low pass filtering of sampled data
Unfiltered or four-pole Bessel filter. Cutoff frequencies from 0.1 Hz to 100 Hz in 1-2-5 steps
Overall accuracy 0.01 % of full scale @ 25 °C [77 °F], 0.015 % of full scale @ 5 °C to 50 °C [41 °F to 122 °F]
Excitation supplies 12 V @ 125 mA2 or 5 V @ 250 mA2.
Short circuit (current limit and overvoltage (fuses) protected
Maximum transducer cable length 500 ft, except 200 ft for 100 ohm or lower strain gage transducers


Electrical Specifications

Characteristic / Measure

Signal-to-noise ratio1 With 1/10/100/200 Hz filters 86/76/66/62
dB @ 1 mV/V full scale and 86/80/72/66
dB @ 5 mV/V FS
Resolution 0.01 % of full scale
Overall accuracy @ 25 °C [77 ºF] 0.02 % of full scale, worst case.


Display Specifications

Characteristic / Measure

System display Two line by 16 alphanumeric characters, each 0.2 in wide by 0.3 in high.
Backlit LCD with adjustable contrast
Views Select either two channels, one Channel with limit status or one channel with I/O status
Data displayed Select from current, max., min., spread, held data and tare value
Data format Engineering units with six digits (1-2-5 format) and five character, upper or lower case, user-entered legend/descriptor


System Response (per channel) Specifications

Characteristic / Measure

Data samp. & max./min. update rates 2000 Hz (hardware channels), 50 Hz (CH3 calculation)
Limit checking rate 1000 Hz (hardware channels), 50 Hz (CH3 calculation)
Logic I/O response time 1 ms (hardware channels), 20 ms (CH3 calculation)
Update rate for each analog output 1000 Hz


System Specifications

Characteristic / Measure

System control All I/O functions can be ordered in any combination. The pattern function adds ANDing capabilities
Input actions/channel Logic inputs, outputs and internal Matrix signals control the following actions: tare, clear tare, hold, clear hold, reset max./min., clear latched limits, check limits, do max./mins., apply +CAL
Output events/channel The following events drive logic outputs and internal Matrix signals: HI limit, NOT HI limit, IN limit, NOT IN limit, LO limit, NOT LO limit, at max., NOT at max., at min., NOT at min.
Three user-defined patterns Patterns of logic inputs, outputs and
Matrix signals drive Logic outputs and internal Matrix signals
Limit Checking Each channel has a HI and LO limit which may be latched or unlatched, absolute or signed, and with or without hysteresis. Select either current, max., min. spread or held data for limit checking. Limit violations on any or all channels can be set to trigger backlight flashing in any of the display view modes


Mechanical Specifications

Characteristic / Measure

Size (W x H x D) 165,1 mm x 73,66 mm x 220,98 mm [6.5 in x 2.9 in x 8.7 in]
Weight 3 lb
Operating temperature 5 °C to 50 °C [41 °F to 122 °F] Input power 90 Vac to 250 Vac, 50/60 Hz @ 25 VA, max. Two 2 A/250 V fuses, line filter and rear power switch


Logic Inputs Specifications

Characteristic / Measure

Four Logic inputs Each with programmable destination, protected to ±130 Vdc or 130 Vrms
Four Logic type TTL compatible, Scmitt Trigger, low-true with 47 kohm pull-up. Input current is -100 µA @ 0 V
Six Logic outputs Each with programmable source, short circuit (current and thermal limits) and overvoltage (fuse) protected.
Six Logic type Open collector, low-true. Operating @ 24 V (max.) and 0.3 A max sink current External +5 Vdc power (on I/O conn.) 250 mA, short circuit (current limit) and overvoltage (fuse) protected.
Serial communication port (selectable as RS232, RS422 or RS485)
Supports 32 devices on RS485 port and 1 device on RS232/422
Baud rate 300 to 38400. Maximum cable length: 4000 ft (RS422/RS485), 50ft (RS232) 120 ohm terminal resistors (RS485)
User selectable for RXD and TXD RS422/485 transceivers Slew-rate limited, short circuit protected (current and thermal limits) RS232 drivers Short circuit protected (current limit)
Serial I/Os Use a nine-pin D connector. ±15 kV
ESD protected and float (100 kohm) with respect to earth ground
Commands Control of all modes, settings and measurements
Non-volatile memory storage settings EEPROM, batteries are not used
Dual analog outputs Each assignable to any of the three channels are short circuit (current limit) and overvoltage (fuse) protected

Output impedance/min. load resis. 

< 1 ohm/10 kohm
Full scale ±5 V or ±10 V (user selectable). Resolution is 2 mV @ ±5 V full scale or 4 mV @±10 V full scale
Overrange ±8.2 V @ ±5 V full scale or ±13.5 V @ ±10 V full scale Nonlinearity ±2 mV @ ±5 V full scale or ±4 mV @ ±10 V full scale
Overall error (worst case, incl. temp. effects) ±5 mV @ ±5 V full scale or ±10 mV @ ±10 V full scale
Filter 100 Hz, 5 pole Bessel response low pass filter 

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