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Chave Fim de Curso de Plástico; BF; Honeywell;

Chave Fim de Curso de Plástico

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Chave Fim de Curso de Plástico
Chave Fim de Curso de Plástico
Principais características

1 Wide variety of actuators — roller levers, wobble levers, and pin plungers

1 Four conduit openings:

–1/2-14 NPT

–1/2-14 NPSM



1 Large internal cavity for easy wiring

1 Pressure plate style wire clamps

1 Rugged plastic enclosure eliminates need for grounding

1 Several basic switches available ranging from 0.1 Amp electronic duty gold contact to 11 Amp 1/3 HP

1 Sealed to NEMA 1, 3, 4 and 13 requirements

1 Wide temperature range, –25 to +160°F (–31 to +71°C)

1 UL recognized


Typical Applications

1 Overhead cranes and hoists

1 Surface transportation equipment

1 Special machinery

1 Agricultural equipment

1 Earth moving equipment


BF Series Plastic Enclosed Basic Switches are available with a wide variety of operators, and are designed for easy mounting and wiring.

BF switches mount utilizing two (2) #6 screws installed through the two diametrically opposite mounting holes in the switch housing (2.312 in x 1.375 in spacing). The BF switches are designed to allow mounting with the cover either towards or away from the mounting surface. It may be more convenient to select the appropriate operator orientation to allow mounting with the cover away from the mounting surface, permitting wiring after mounting.

Switches with lever type actuators (actuator code L in the second position after the dash) are adjustable in two directions. The entire actuator can be rotated around its mounting bushing, and the angle of the lever can also be changed.


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