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Controlador remoto I/O APAX-5000 Series b&b electronics

Controlador remoto I/O

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Controlador remoto I/O
Controlador remoto I/O
Principais características



PLC vendors typically provide for the use of open protocols like Ethernet/IP and Modbus/TCP to communicate with remote I/O devices. Thus saving the hassle of discrete I/O wiring. Advantech’s new APAX series offers a very flexible and scalable system which can provide closely integrated remote I/O with not only their new PAC controllers but also other popular PLC and PAC systems being offered. This helps reduce cost and increase flexibility in adding on to existing systems. The platformcan be expanded by coupling them together or remotely linked in any topology you may require such as line, star or tree. Future couplers will offer CANOpen, and Profinet protocols providing even more integration and flexibility.


Fully Ethernet-IP-enabled APAX-5000 series controllers are designed for industrial automation applications requiring IPC openness and PLC robustness. In a single control system, APAX-5000 series provides open development architecture that integrates control, information processing, and networking. Versatility, flexibility and scalability support complicated automation industry needs.


With powerful embedded computing technology, the APAX-5000 features a high performance CPU and fanless design and supports popular peripherals like USB, LAN, COM port and DVI-I. SD slot included for storage plus two custom extension slots with PCI bus signals for integrating of 3rd-party special function cards.


Uses different communication protocol controllers. Regardless of which communication coupler you select, you can use the same I/O modules, greatly reducing I/O module stock costs. APAX couplers and I/O modules feature real-time performance and excellent flexibility. Up to 32 I/O modules can be connected to one station and all stations can be direct-stacked or daisy-chain cascaded with up to 100m between each station. All analog input and output modules provide channel-independent range configuration.


All APAX-5000 I/O modules comply with high noise immunity, just like a standard PLC. User friendly design includes slice I/O, high density I/O with LEDs, hot swap and stackable functionality with flexible DIN-rail or wall mount installation. Additional features include clamp type terminal blocks, ID switches, LEDs, writable labels for wiring information, and a flexible expansion topology.




• Different couplers/modules with same I/O connect to other IPC/PLC systems like AB Ethernet/IP controllers

• Versatile I/O architecture for fast installation and wiring

• Cost effective use in analog data applications

• Modbus OPC support in SCADA stations

• High density, hot-swappable I/O modules & flexible input range for analog modules

• Modbus TCP, Ethernet/IP industrial protocols

• Small dimensions and modular building block design

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