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Conversor de fibra via SFP IE-iMcV-ModeConverter b&b electronics

Conversor de fibra via SFP

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Conversor de fibra via SFP
Conversor de fibra via SFP
Principais características

Modular protocol-independent, fiber mode converter via sfp modules

Interchangeable SFP modules allow for multiple fiber mode/type conversion options (single-mode, multi-mode, single-strand, long haul, short haul, etc.)

Extended operating temperatures

DDMI enabled SFPs support SNMP when installed in a compatible managed chassis

Modular, hot-swappable architecture reduces operational costs associated with product installation, upgrades and maintenance

Ideal for use with B&B Electronics’ SFPs


Supports a full range of SFP modules offering various transmission speeds, from 10 Mbps up to 2.4 Gbps


The IE-iMcV-ModeConverter is an SNMP manageable module that allows network operators to incorporate multiple fiber types and wavelengths within a network. It installs in the modular, SNMPmanageable iMediaChassis series and in the unmanaged MediaChassis series.

The IE-iMcV-ModeConverters are protocol-independent with dual SFP ports which can provide a single conversion between different wavelengths or single-mode and multimode fiber, single-mode to single-mode fiber or multimode to single-strand single-mode fiber. The IE-iMcVModeConverter modules support a variety of user configurable features such as LinkLoss forcing a gigabit SFP to 100Mbps. Additionally, since the IE-iMcV-ModeConverter is an Industrial Equipment (IE) device, the unit operates in environments that demand extended operating temperatures.


The IE-iMcV-ModeConverter uses MSA Compliant SFP modules to provide greater fiber flexibility in the network environment. The hotswappable nature of SFPs and the numerous fiber modes and types that are available allow for easy configuration and future upgrading as networks demands evolve.



Includes two SFP ports

Protocol-independent operation

Converts between dissimilar fiber modes and wavelengths

Includes diagnostic LEDs

Hot-swappable architecture

Modular Form Factor

Extended temperature range from -40° to +85° C

Compatible with IMC Networks’ SFPs and all standard MSA compliant SFP devices

Standard Compliance

SFP-MSA SFP standard (September 14, 2000)

SFF-8472 DDMI standard (Revision 1.0)



Dimensions 4.19” x 0.78” x 2.75” (10.6 cm x 1.98 cm x 6.99 cm)

Shipping Weight 0.25 lbs (0.11 kg)



422mA with SFP ports populated (Typical @ 5V)



Operating Temperature: -40° to +185° F (-40° to +85° C)

Storage Temperature: -40° to +185° F (-40° to +85° C)


Operating Humidity 5% to 95% (non-condensing), 0 – 10,000 ft. altitude

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