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Chave Fim de Curso Limite; E7/V7; Honeywell;

Chave Fim de Curso

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Chave Fim de Curso
Chave Fim de Curso
Principais características

Designed with MICRO SWITCH™ BZ or DT basic switches to deliver precise switching of electrical and mechanical operating characteristics

Rugged, epoxy-coated aluminum housing for indoor and outdoor applications

Small footprint with easy access to wiring terminals

Available in a configuration suited to the application with variety of actuators, circuitries, conduits, and mounting options



Honeywell MICRO SWITCH™ E7/V7 Series medium duty limit switches are designed for a wide variety of indoor and outdoor applications. Typical applications include equipment for commercial, industrial, and transportation industries.

The electrostatic applied epoxy coating to the aluminum housings enhances the durability of the product in most applications.

The E7/V7 family of switches incorporates the Honeywell MICRO SWITCH™ BZ switch element which has the reliable snap-spring mechanism with more than 60 years of proven service.

The sealed (plungers with boots) E7/V7 Series are preferred for applications where there could be exposure to liquid and/or particulate environments. The unsealed E7/V7 Series are ideal for applications where there will not be exposure to liquid or dust environments. The compact size of the limit switch permits installation where there is limited space available on equipment.

The SPDT (Single Pole Double Throw) E7/E7S/V7/E9 Series of catalog listings are certified to CE and CSA for worldwide applications. While the DPDT (Double Pole Double Throw) E7/E7S/V7/E9 Series of catalog listings are certified to CE for many applications.


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