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Isolated Converter; 3105; PR Electronics;

Isolated Converter

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Isolated Converter
Isolated Converter
Key features

Isolation and conversion of standard DC signals
Slimline housing of 6 mm

Low cost
DIP-switch configured 


Isolation and conversion of standard DC signals.

Galvanic separation of analog current and voltage signals.

Elimination of ground loops and measurement of floating signals.

A competitive choice in terms of both price and technology for galvanic isolation of current and voltage signals to SCADA systems or PLC equipment.

Suitable for environments with high vibration stress, e.g. ships.


Easy configuration via DIP-switches.

The input is protected against overvoltage and polarity error.

Factory-calibrated measurement ranges.

Inputs and outputs are floating and galvanically separated.


Environmental Conditions

Specifications range 0°C to +70°C

Storage temperature -40°C to +85°C

Calibration temperature 20...28°C

Relative humidity < 95% RH (non-cond.)

Protection degree IP20

Installation in Pollution degree 2 & measurement / overvoltage cat. II


Mechanical specifications

Dimensions (HxWxD) 113 x 6.1 x 115 mm

Weight approx. 70 g

DIN rail type DIN EN 60715/35 mm

Wire size 0.13 x 2.5 mm2 / AWG 26...12 stranded wire

Screw terminal torque 0.5 Nm

Vibration: 2...25 Hz ±1.6 mm

Vibration: 25...100 Hz ±4 g


Common specifications


Supply voltage 16.8...31.2 VDC


Isolation voltage

Test voltage 2.5 kVAC

Working voltage 300 VAC


Response time

Response time (0...90%, 100...10%) < 7 ms

Max. power consumption 0.8 W

Internal consumption 0.4 W (typ.) / 0.65 W (max.)

Signal / noise ratio > 60 dB

Accuracy Better than 0.2% of selected range

Temperature coefficient < ±0.015% of span / ¢ªC

EMC immunity influence < ±0.5% of span

Extended EMC immunity: NAMUR NE 21, A criterion, burst < ±1% of span


Input specifications

Current input

Measurement range 0...20.5 mA

Functional range 0...23 mA

Programmable measurement ranges 0...20 and 4...20 mA

Input voltage drop < 1.5 VDC

Voltage input

Measurement range 0...10.25 V

Functional range 0...11.5 V / 0...5.75 V

Programmable measurement ranges 0/1...5 and 0/2...10 V

Input resistance ≥ 500 kΩ


Output specifications

Current output

Signal range 0...20.5 mA (span)

Programmable signal ranges 0 / 4...20 mA

Load (max.) 23 mA/600 Ω

Load stability ≤0.01% of span / 100 Ω

Current limit ≤ 28 mA

Voltage output

Signal range 0...10 VDC

Programmable signal ranges 0/1...5 and 0/2...10 V

Load (min.) > 10 kΩ

*of span = of the DIP-switch selected output range



EMC 2004/108/EC

LVD 2006/95/EC

EAC TR-CU 020/2011

DNV Marine Stand. f. Certific. No. 2.4

GL V1-7-2

UL UL 508

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