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Unmanaged Ethernet switches - with Gigabit options Elinx ESW600 b&b electronics

Unmanaged Ethernet switches - with Gigabit options

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Unmanaged Ethernet switches - with Gigabit options
Unmanaged Ethernet switches - with Gigabit options
Key features



ESW600 Series Industrial Grade, 26 Port, Unmanaged, 10/100 Ethernet switches - with Gigabit options


B&B Electronics’ industrial hardened rack mount Ethernet switches are designed with harsh, rugged environment applications in mind. They are the ideal communications solutions for traffic control, water management, and warehousing.


The B&B Electronics Elinx ESW626 family of unmanaged Industrial rack mount Ethernet switches has been designed to meet light Industrial communication requirements. This family offers several configuration options ranging from 26 ports all RJ45 copper to RJ45 copper with multi mode, single mode, and or combo SFP gigabit ports.


Gigabit ports are typically used for backhaul connectivity or with IP cameras. Models with gigabit options are designed with combo ports. A combo port consists of both a copper 10/100/1000 port and a gigabit SFP port. The gigabit SFP modules are optional items. If fiber optic connections with gigabit speeds are required, choose the appropriate SFP model number, and add it to your order. Note that the gigabit combo ports will default to the copper connection, once an SFP module is installed the copper gigabit port will be disabled and the switch will utilize the SFP port for traffic. 


Heavy industrial design 61000-6-2 specifications

-10 to 60°C or -40 to 75°C temperature rating (-T models)

Fanless design

Built-in fiber optic options (multi-mode, single-mode)

Gigabit options with copper and SFP combination ports

Broadcast storm control

8k MAC address table

18/36VDC power input

19-inch rack 1U height

100% burn in testing

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