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Modbus Ethernet / Serial gateways MESR900 b&b electronics

Modbus Ethernet / Serial gateways

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Modbus Ethernet / Serial gateways
Modbus Ethernet / Serial gateways
Key features



ASCII to RTU Conversion

ASCII or RTU to Modbus TCP Conversion

Remap conflicting Modbus IDs

Add multiple masters to Modbus networks

Prioritize messages based on IP address, Modbus ID, and Function code

Convert mismatched serial baud rates and settings

Route Modbus traffic based on Modbus ID


MESR Modbus Gateways bridge devices on Modbus serial networks (RS-232, RS-422 or RS-485) with those on Modbus TCP networks, allowing seamless integration of any Modbus device. Each serial port is accessible over a LAN or WAN by up to 16 simultaneous Modbus TCP masters. All Vlinx™ MESR gateways feature auto detecting 10/100Base T copper and fiber optic connections.


Simple Installation and Setup


Removable terminal blocks simplify power and data connections

Slimline IP30 DIN mount enclosure minimizes footprint

Simple configuration through the built-in web server, or Windows configuration software

Built-in traffic monitor for instant verification of successful installation and simple network diagnostics

Optional pass-through Ethernet port eliminates need for additional Ethernet switch port

Optional Fiber Optic Ethernet connections for long-distance and total noise immunity




Slim, Industrial Enclosure

Modbus Master/Slave FlexibilityWeb

Server, Configuration Software

Complete Fiber Options

Low Latency, High Throughput




Save DIN rail space while maintaining industrial ratings

Modbus master or slave can be on any serial port or on the Ethernet port. Customizable to your application.

Program through web browser or local port. Same user interface; no training required

Connect to all fiber networks in your plant without converting to copper connections

View status in real time



Class 1 Division 2 certified

Support for Windows 7 Operating Systems

Serial ports work with RS-232, RS-422/485 and are software configurable

Modbus RTU or ASCII

Supports up to 16 simultaneous Modbus TCP masters

Modbus messaging priority control (source or function code selectable)

Auto detecting 10/100 Ethernet port

Operating Temperature: -34 to 80°C

10 to 48 VDC (58 VDC Maximum) input power

Management: Multiple TCP/IP Client Sessions

UL Listed

NEMA TS2 rated for traffic applications 

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