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Isolated converter 3104 pr electronics

Isolated Converter

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Isolated Converter
Isolated Converter
Key features

Isolation and conversion of standard DC signals
Slimline housing of 6 mm
Power supply and signal isolator for 2-wire transmitter
Loop supply >17 V
DIP-switch configured


Isolation and conversion of standard DC signals.
Galvanic separation of analog current and voltage signals.
Elimination of ground loops and measurement of floating signals.
A competitive choice in terms of both price and technology for galvanic isolation of current and voltage signals to SCADA systems or PLC equipment.
Installation in ATEX Ex zone 2 / IECEx zone 2 / FM division 2.
Suitable for environments with high vibration stress, e.g. ships.


Easy configuration via DIP-switches.

The input is protected against overvoltage and polarity error.

Factory-calibrated measurement ranges.

Inputs and outputs are floating and galvanically separated.


Environmental Conditions

Specifications range -25°C to +70°C

Storage temperature -40°C to +85°C

Calibration temperature 20...28°C

Relative humidity < 95% RH (non-cond.)

Protection degree IP20

Installation in Pollution degree 2 & measurement / overvoltage cat. II


Mechanical specifications

Dimensions (HxWxD) 113 x 6.1 x 115 mm

Weight approx. 70 g

DIN rail type DIN EN 60715/35 mm

Wire size 0.13 x 2.5 mm2 / AWG 26...12 stranded wire

Screw terminal torque 0.5 Nm

Vibration: 2...25 Hz ±1.6 mm

Vibration: 25...100 Hz ±4 g


Common specifications


Supply voltage 16.8...31.2 VDC


Isolation voltage

Test voltage 2.5 kVAC

Working voltage 300 VAC (reinforced) / 250 VAC (Zone 2, Div. 2)


Response time

Response time (0...90%, 100...10%) < 7 ms

Max. power consumption 1.2 W

Internal consumption 0.4 W (typ.) / 0.65 W (max.)

Signal / noise ratio > 60 dB

Accuracy Better than 0.05% of selected range

Temperature coefficient < ±0.01% of span / °C

EMC immunity influence < ±0.5% of span

Extended EMC immunity: NAMUR NE 21, A criterion, burst < ±1% of span


Input specifications

Current input

Measurement range 0...20.5 mA

Functional range 0...23 mA

Programmable measurement ranges 0...20 and 4...20 mA

Input voltage drop < 1.5 VDC

Voltage input

Measurement range 0...10.25 V

Functional range 0...11.5 V / 0...5.75 V

Programmable measurement ranges 0/1...5 and 0/2...10 V

Input resistance ≥ 500 kΩ

2-wire transmitter supply > 17 V / 20 mA


Output specifications

Current output

Signal range 0...20.5 mA (span)

Programmable signal ranges 0 / 4...20 mA

Load (max.) 23 mA/600 Ω

Load stability ≤0.01% of span / 100 Ω

Current limit ≤ 28 mA

Voltage output

Signal range 0...10 VDC

Programmable signal ranges 0/1...5 and 0/2...10 V

Load (min.) > 10 kΩ



EMC 2004/108/EC

LVD 2006/95/EC

ATEX 94/9/EC KEMA 10ATEX0147 X, II 3 G Ex nA IIC T4 Gc

IECEx KEM 10.0068X

FM 3041043-C

DNV Marine Stand. f. Certific. No. 2.4

GL V1-7-2

UL UL 61010-1

EAC TR-CU 020/2011

EAC Ex TR-CU 012/2011 RU C-DK.GB08.V.00410

CCOE P337347/1

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