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Techno Supply was born of the vital needs of national and multinational companies in industrial technology. Located in Piracicaba-SP, with technical support and support contracts established abroad with international partners, gaining fast space in the domestic market with import and nationalization Techno Supply is a Industrial Technology Development Company Ponta, who works with Industrial Automation and safety of machinery. Techno Supply have conquered space in the market with the sale of industrial automation equipment, technical assistance and equipment assembly. It also has partnerships with major national and international companies.

Our mission is to develop and sell innovative solutions through the use of new technologies, aiming at the profitability of the business and social sustainability.

The vision is to be a company of excellence with relevant national and international action in providing innovative solutions for the areas: Industrial, Commercial, Government and Military.

Our values: People, Innovation, Commitment, Optimism, Social Sustainability.

19. 3403 2300
Av. Santo Estevăo, 509
Vila Rezende - 13405-249

Piracicaba, SP - Brazil
Techno Supply Import and Export Ltda.
CNPJ 05.505.756/0001-06