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Chave Fim de Curso Limite; GLS;Honeywell

Chave Fim de Curso

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Chave Fim de Curso
Chave Fim de Curso
Principais características

Metal housing or double-insulated plastic housing for indoor and outdoor applications

Wide range of actuator heads and levers

Heads can be positioned at 90° increments for design flexibility. Side rotary actuator heads can be factory set for CW, CCW, or CW and CCW actuation

Sealed to IP66 and NEMA/UL 1, 4, 12, and 13

-40 °C [-40 °F] standard construction for side rotary and plunger actuated switches suitable for many severe outdoor environments

Dual bearing design on side rotary actuators reduces side loading and enhances mechanical life

Variety of NC and NO double-break snap-action or slowaction contact options

Silver contacts for power switching or gold-plated contacts for low energy loads

Normally closed contacts are positive opening , and conform to EN/IEC 60947-5-1-3 to provide forced opening of the normally closed contact. Each contact throw is electrically isolated to accept different voltages (Form Zb contacts). Double pole double throw (2NC/2NO) contact option require same polarity for each pole. (Form Za for each pole)

Contact blocks are available as snap action or slow action

Mechanical life up to 10 million operations


Honeywell MICRO SWITCH™ GLS miniature limit switch family offers a wide range of products for global solutions. These durable and reliable limit switches are suitable for many industrial applications, agriculture equipment, transportation equipment, and other applications requiring an environmentally sealed (IP and NEMA) switch.

The compact housings are often ideal for equipment where space is at a premium. The extensive product range is available in three different housing types; metal housing, plastic housing or a three conduit metal housing which are mounting compatible to EN50047.

A wide range of actuators, contact blocks, and conduit/connectivity options enhance the product offering.

In today’s demanding age of logic-level controls, electromechanical switches are frequently used to interface with PLCs and other logic level devices. GLS limit switches offer an option for gold-plated contacts for the standard switch. This option promotes the switch reliability for logic-level applications.


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