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digital displaysignal conditioner gm, honeywell

Digital Display/Signal Conditioner

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Digital Display/Signal Conditioner
Digital Display/Signal Conditioner
Principais características


• Strain-gage/bridge-based transducer input
• 4 1/2 digit LED display
• Large 14,2 mm [0.56 in] readout
• High speed analog output (up to 27 kHz)
*Optional 56a requires 1/4 DIN enclosure
**Bleed-off rate: <0.01 % of full scale 



The GM is a versatile full function signal conditioner, amplifier
and power supply that works with unamplified mV/V transducers.
It also provides shunt calibration (R-cal) which enables the
system to be setup without using an expensive primary stimulus
(done at no extra charge at the factory if the readout and transducer
are purchased at the same time). A full range of options
like peak/hold**, track/hold and dual limits are available. 


Electrical Specifications

Characteristic / Measure

Input signal 1 mV/V to 5 mV/V or 5 mV/V to 50 mV/V (optional)
Number of characters displayed 4 1/2
Power requirements, standard 115 Vac @ 5 W
Power requirements, optional 12 Vdc, 220 Vac
Conversions per second 3
Scaling method Zero and span adjustment
Polarity indication Yes
Decimal point selection Jumper (non-solder)
Display size 14,2 mm [0.56 in]
Overrange indication Flashing display
Display resolution 1/20000 max.
Digital display LED
Analog output ±5 Vdc or 4 mA to 20 mA (optional)
Amplifier output impedance < 2 ohm
Accuracy ±0.03 %
Amplifier frequency response dc to 250 Hz
Common mode rejection 80 db
Fine scan adjustment < ±15 %
Coarse scan adjustment > 80 %
Fine zero adjustment < ±15 %
Coarse zero adjustment > 80% 


Environmental Specifications

Characteristic / Measure

Temperature, storage -29 °C to 93 °C [-20 °F to 200 °F]
Temperature, operating 0 °C to 54 °C [32 °F to 130 °F]


Physical Specifications

Characteristic / Measure

Weight 1 kg [2.25 lb]
Mounting Bench, rack or panel (panel mount
included with unit)
Case size (standard) 1/8 DIN
Case material Noryl plastic
Input/output connector Removable with screw terminals

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