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indicador lcd com caracteristica loop-powered loop-powered lcd indicator 5531a pr electronics

Indicador LCD Loop

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Indicador LCD Loop
Indicador LCD Loop
Principais características

4 digit 1/8 DIN (48 x 96 mm) loop-powered LCD display
Easy push-button configuration
Backlit LCD display is readable in low light conditions
Display can be mounted in the safe area or in I.S. / Ex zone 2


The 5531 indicator is powered by the 4 to 20 mA current loop and is easily scaled to display the correct process value.
Because it does not require separate power wiring, the 5531 is perfect for remote display of process loops.
The 5531A display can be panel mounted in the safe area or I.S. / Ex Zone 2 (gas).

Once panel mounted with the included gasket, the 5531 provides IP65 ingress protection.


With a full measurement range of 3.6 to 23 mA, the 5531 is NAMUR NE43 compliant.

The display can be push-button scaled to any range between -9999 to 9999, and reverse display action is possible.

The LCD backlight can be set to half or full intensity for easy viewing in low light conditions.

The display only requires 1.5 VDC, (75 Ω loop load), with the backlight turned off.

The input is HART® transparent.

The front push-buttons can be disabled to prevent unauthorized adjustment.


Environmental Conditions

Specifications range -20°C to +60°C

Storage temperature -20°C to +60°C

Calibration temperature 20...28°C

Relative humidity < 95% RH (non-cond.)

Protection degree IP65, from front


Mechanical specifications

Dimensions (HxWxD) 48 x 96 x 120 mm

Cut out dimensions 44.5 x 91.5 mm

Weight approx. 200 g

Wire size, connector terminal 1 - 4 0.13...2.08 mm2 / AWG 26...14 stranded wire

Screw terminal torque 0.5 Nm

Cable glands and cable diameter M16 x 1.5 / Ø 5...8 mm


Common specifications


Supply voltage Input loop-powered


Response time

Response time (0...90%, 100...10%) < 1 s

Signal / noise ratio > 60 dB

Updating time 500 ms

EMC immunity influence < ±0.5% of span


Input specifications

Current input

Loop error detection, 4...20 mA: Low ~ < 3 mA

Loop error detection, 4...20 mA: High ~ > 24 mA

Input range 4...20 mA

Measurement range 3.6...23 mA

Input voltage drop, without backlight < 1.5 V @ 20 mA

Input voltage drop, with full backlight < 10.5 V @ 20 mA



LVD 2006/95/EC

EMC 2004/108/EC

ATEX 94/9/EC KEMA 05ATEX1044 X (5531A/B1)

EAC TR-CU 020/2011


Output specifications


Display readout ± 9999 (4 digits)

Digit height 16 mm

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