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ponte amplificadora para sensor honeywell UV

Ponte Amplificadora para Sensor

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Ponte Amplificadora para Sensor
Ponte Amplificadora para Sensor
Principais características


• Strain gage sensor amplifier
• ±5 Vdc three-wire output
• 3 V or 5 V excitation voltages @ 70 mA
• 11 Vdc to 28 Vdc supply voltage
• NEMA 4 housing
• Increases signal-to-noise ratio in noisy environments
• Effects of voltage drops in excitation sources are eliminated
• Signals may be sent to the data systems from low impedence



The Model UV amplifier supplies a highly regulated bridge excitation
voltage for the transducer and converts the millivolt signal
of the transducer to a ±10 Vdc signal. The Universal In-line
features two selectable exciation voltages, programmable gain
settings, a wide adjustment range on the zero, and a buffered
solid-state shunt cal relay for quick calibration.  


Performance Specifications

Characteristic / Measure

Number of channels 1
Case material Plastic or painted Aluminum
Mounting Use #6 or #8 screws


Environmental Specifications

Characteristic / Measure

Temperature, operating -15 °C to 71 °C [5 °F to 160 °F]
Sealing IP66 or NEMA 4


Transducer Iinterface

Characteristic / Measure

Transducer type Bridge-based sensor
Transducer excitation 3 Vdc or 5 Vdc @ 70 mA


Amplifier Characteristic

Characteristic / Measure

Supply voltage 11 Vdc to 28 Vdc
Current draw 50 mA
Frequency response (-3 dB) dc: 7000 Hz with 350 ohm bridge
dc: 5000 Hz with 5000 ohm bridge
Rise time (0 % to 90 %)
54 ms with 350 ohm bridge
78 ms with 5000 ohm bridge
Zero adjustment range, coarse ±50 %
Zero adjustment range, fine ±15 %
Span adjustment range 0.75 mV/V to 13.3 mV/V
±25 % fine adjustment
Linearity 0.02 % of full scale
Shunt calibration Solid state relay on board
Output ±5 Vdc
Output current 2 mA max.
Signal-to-noise ratio 65 db
dc power supply rejection
ratio > 110 db 

Not RoHS compliant

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