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Relé lógico programável TECO SG2 V3 b&b electronics

Relé lógico programável

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Relé lógico programável
Relé lógico programável
Principais características



Standard Base Modules

The SG2 Series offers the price of a programmable relay with the capability of a small PLC. With inputs and outputs expandable up to 44 I/O, this intelligent relay will control almost all discrete systems.


Same Price and Model Numbers, but now with more memory, more functions and more I/O… NEW Math, PID, PWM, Data registers, shift and ramp instructions.


And yes, the NEW programming software is still FREE!
On line monitoring, off line simulation of ladder and function block

After reviewing these added features, you may wonder if this is really just a PLR


Power Supply

  • Input Power Voltage Range

12VDC Models: 10.4-14.4V

24VDC Models: 20.4-28.8V

110/220VAC: 85-265VAC

  • Power Consumption

12VDC: 12-point, 150mA

20-point: 150mA

24VDC: 12-point, 90mA

20-point: 150mA

100-240VAC: 90mA

  • Wire Size (all terminals) 26 to 14 AWG


  • Programming languages Ladder/Function Block
  • Program Memory 300 Lines or 260 Function Blocks
  • Programming storage media Flash
  • Execution Speed 10ms/cycle

Built-in HMI

  • Customizable screens 31 (H coils)
  • LCD Display 4 lines x 16 characters
  • Function Keys 8, 4 user-defined (Z inputs)

Auxiliary Coils

  • Maximum Number 126 (63 M-coils, 63 N-coils)


  • Maximum Number 31 T-coils
  • Timing ranges 0.01s–9999min


  • Maximum Number 31 C-coils
  • Highest count 999999

RTC (Real Time Clock)

  • Number available 31 R-coils
  • Resolution 1 min
  • Time span available week, year, month, day, hour, min
  • Daylight Savings feature Yes
  • Power o- RTC retention 240 hours

Compare Instructions (Analog, Timer, or Counter Values)

  • Number available 31 G-coils
  • Compare functions EQ, LT, GT, LE, GE, NE

NEW! PID Control (Proportional-Integral-Derivative)

  • Maximum Number 15 Loops (PI Coils)

NEW! Math Instructions

  • Number available 62 (31 AS Coils, 31 MD Coils) up to 124 additional
  • (plus unused T, C, R, G coils)
  • Math Operations + - x /

Data Multiplexer Instructions

  • Number available 15 (MX Coils)
  • Resolution 2-bit, 4 data registers

Data Registers

  • Number available 240 (DR Coils, 16-bit)

Shift Instruction

  • Number available 1 8-bit (S Coil)

Analog Ramp Instructions

  • Number available 31 (AR Coils)


  • Enclosure Type IP20
  • Maximum Vibration 1G according to IEC60068-2-6
  • Operating Temperature Range -4° to 131°F (-20° to 55°C)
  • Storage Temperature Range -40° to 158°F (-40° to 70°C)
  • Maximum Humidity 90% (Relative, non-condensing)
  • Vibration 0.075mm amplitude; 1.0g acceleration
  • Weight 10-point: 230g; 8-point:190g; 20-point: 345g
  • Agency Approvals cUL , CE, UL

Discrete Inputs

  • Current consumption

4mA @12VDC

3.2mA @24VDC

1.3mA @100-240VAC

  • Input Signal ”OFF” Threshold 12VDC: < 2.5VDC; 24VDC: < 5VDC;110/220VAC: < 40VAC
  • Input Signal ”ON” Threshold 12VDC: > 7.5VDC; 24VDC: > 15VDC;110/220VAC: > 79VAC
  • Input On delay DC: 5ms; 240VAC: 50ms; 120VAC: 90ms
  • Input O- Delay DC: 3ms; 240VAC: 50ms; 120VAC: 90ms
  • Transistor Type 3-wire PNP Sensor compatible
  • High Speed Input frequency 1kHz
  • Standard Input frequency < 40 Hz
  • Required protection Inverse voltage protection required

Analog Inputs

  • Resolution 10 bit
  • Acceptable Input Range
  • Base module: Analog input: 0-10VDC voltage, 24VDC when used as discrete input
  • Expansion module: Analog input: 0-10VDC voltage or 0-20mA current
  • Input Signal ”OFF” Threshold < 5VDC (as 24VDC discrete input)
  • Input Signal ”ON” Threshold > 9.8VDC (as 24VDC discrete input)
  • Isolation None
  • Short circuit protection Yes
  • Total number available Base module: A01-A04
  • Expansion module: A05-A08

Temperature Input (SG2-4PT Expansion Module)

  • Sensor Type 3-wire PT100
  • Temperature input range -100°C - 600°C
  • Resolution 3.5°C

Relay Outputs

  • Contact material Ag Alloy
  • Current rating 8A
  • HP rating 1/3HP@120V 1/2HP@250V
  • Maximum Load Resistive: 8A/point; Inductive: 4A/point
  • Maximum operating time 15ms (normal condition)
  • Life expectancy (rated load) 100k operations
  • Minimum load 16.7mA

Transistor Outputs

  • Pulse Outputs 1 PWM and 1 PWM or Pulse Output
  • PWM max. output frequency 0.5kHz (1ms on,1ms o-)
  • Standard max. output frequency 100Hz
  • Voltage specification 10-28.8VDC
  • Current capacity 1A
  • Maximum Load Resistive: 0.5A/point; Inductive: 0.3A/point
  • Minimum Load 0.2mA

Analog Outputs (SG2-2AO Expansion Module)


  • Analog output range 0V–10V (load > 500 ohm), 0-20mA (load < 500 ohm)
  • Resolution 10-bit
  • Full scale accuracy 2.5%
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