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Sensor de pressão 427 honeywell

Sensor de pressão

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Sensor de pressão
Sensor de pressão
Principais características


• Free flow pressure port design with wider aperature for more
viscous media blends
• ±0.2 % accuracy BFSL
• All-welded one-piece, hermetically sealed, stainless-steel
• Inconel® X-750 wetted parts for additional durability with
abrasive or corrosive media
• Multiple electrical connections
• Optional one-wire (with IS approval) or two-wire (without
IS approval) shunt calibration allows users the ability to
validate the offset signal in the field, ensuring the sensor is
actively plugged into the system
• RFI/EMI protected
• Intrinsically safe
• CE approved; CSA/ATEX


 Potential Applications

• Fracturing and cementing
• Mud pumps / mud logging
• New well development and extraction
• Oil and gas drilling
• Service and cement trucks
• Standpipe
• Stimulation
• Well head measurement 



Honeywell’s Model 427 Wing Union/Hammer Union Pressure
Sensors are rugged devices designed for use with Weco® 1502
(2 in.) fittings for both offshore and land-based oil and gas
applications, such as well stimulation and circulation system
Model 427’s newly designed aperture has a wide and shallow
sensing port to handle more viscous drilling mud blends and enable
a seamless flow of media through the sensing area. Available
with an accuracy level of ±0.2 % BFSL (Best Fit Straight
Line), this sensor provides consistent and accurate pressure
measurements in challenging drilling applications such as extended
reach drilling or heavy crude oil drilling.
Model 427 is constructed as an all-welded, stainless steel
assembly with the sensor diaphragm and wing union fitting machined
as one part. This helps provide hermetic integrity, which
lessens the chance of media leakage vs. multi-piece parts, and
increases reliability. The isolated, pressure sensing diaphragm
minimizes zero-shift during hammer up and eliminates long term,
signal drift in the field. The Weco® 1502 Wing Union compatible
fittings are machined of Inconel® X-750, which provides additional
durability with highly abrasive and corrosive media, while
the Honeywell proprietary stainless steel electrical connection
delivers enhanced secondary pressure containment.
Each sensor undergoes special assembly processes to test
shock and vibration for reliable performance in the field. 


Performance Specifications

Pressure ranges

0 psi to 5000 psi; 0 psi to 6000 psi; 0 psi
to 10000 psi; 0 psi to 15000 psi; 0 psi
to 20000 psi3
; 0 bar to 350 bar; 0 bar to
400 bar; 0 bar to 700 bar; 0 bar to 1000
bar; 0 bar to 1350 bar3


±0.2 % (total error) best fit straight line


Standard 5-point calibration:
0 %, 50 %, and 100 % of full scale


4 mA to 20 mA, two-wire




Environmental Specifications

Temperature, operating

-43 °C to 85 °C [-45 °F to 185 °F]*

Temperature, compensating

-34 °C to 82 °C [-30 °F to 180 °F]

Temperature effect, zero

0.018 % full scale/°C

[0.01 % full scale/°F]

Temperature effect, span

0.018 % reading/°C [0.01 % reading/°F]

Temperature effect, sealing

Hermetically sealed IP68/NEMA 6P


Electrical Specifications

Supply voltage

9 Vdc to 28 Vdc

Insulation resistance

>100 MOhm @ 50 Vdc

Max. loop resistance

950 ohm @ 28 V decreasing linearly to
0 ohm @ 9 V

Circuit protection

Reverse polarity protection of supply

RFI/EMI protection

Noise immunity from 5000 Hz to 1 GHz

Frequency response

Customer specified and factory installed
filter for frequency response of
min. 10 Hz to max. of 2500 Hz

Zero and span adjustment

Field adjustable by removing connector

Electrical termination (std)

Standard electrical termination:
MS series compatible, 4 pin, connector
designed in stainless steel specifically
for the oil and gas industry; offers full
hermetic sealing (see pages 3 and 4
for additional electrical terminations)

Shunt calibration

Optional one-wire (with IS approval) or
two-wire (without IS approval)


Mechanical Specifications


Corrosive and abrasive service,
Inconel® X-750

Overload, safe

150 % rated full scale pressure or limit
of Weco® wing union 1502 fitting

Overload, burst

250 % rated pressure or limit of Weco®
wing union 1502 fitting

Pressure port

Weco® 1502 wing union, 51 mm [2 in]
pipe, male sub end

Aperture dimensions

22,86 mm [0.9 in] internal diameter x
10,16 mm [0.4 in] depth
25,4 mm [1.0 in] entry diameter

Wetted parts material

Inconel® X-750


2722 g [6 lb]

Housing material

316L stainless steel (labels are welded
stainless steel with embossed characters) 

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