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Servidor serial Ethernet 4 portas VESR424 Series b&b electronics

Servidor serial Ethernet 4 portas

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Servidor serial Ethernet 4 portas
Servidor serial Ethernet 4 portas
Principais características



VESR400 Ethernet serial servers connect serial devices (RS-232, RS-422 or RS-485) to Ethernet networks. The serial port can be accessed remotely over a LAN/WAN through an embedded web server using Direct IP Mode, Virtual COM Port, or Paired Mode connections and a simple web browser.


Increase Efficiency


Enables remote configuration, data acquisition and monitoring

Enables quick, simplified off-site troubleshooting

Reduces/eliminates serial cabling

Reduces/eliminates management time and costs


Rugged, Industrial Design


UL Class 1, Division 2

IEC60068-2-27 (shock) and 600068-2-6 (vibration) tested

Wide operating temperature (-40 to 80°C)

Independent serial port selection for RS-232, RS-422 or RS-485

Flexible mounting: DIN rail, or Panel with Up/Down, Forward/Back options

Wide voltage input 10 to 58VDC, via terminal block or locking barrel plug 


Easy to Set-up, Easy to Use


Configuration, upgrades and monitoring are easy tasks with Vlinx Manager software. It installs right on your PC giving you desktop access to the serial server. Manage the serial server remotely over a LAN/WAN via the built-in web server and any web browser. Helpful for off-site troubleshooting.


Each serial server, once set up, establishes a Heartbeat connection to keep you online. Here’s how it works: if communication stops, the serial server attempts to reconnect until a connection is established. Minimizes downtime with no human intervention.


Fiber Optic Ethernet Ports


Choose a serial server with fiber optic Ethernet ports when the application requires long distance runs or high RFI/EMI noise is present. Many applications require a high level of noise immunity and fiber eliminates this problem between devices. Fiber optic connections far exceed the 100m limitation of standard Ethernet copper ports. Multi-mode fiber can be extended up to 2km distance while single-mode fiber can run as far as 20km.


Detalhes equipamento


detalhes técnicos

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