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Simulador de transdutor strain gage TS honeywell

Simulador de Transdutor Strain Gage

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Simulador de Transdutor Strain Gage
Simulador de Transdutor Strain Gage
Principais características


• Easy to use
• Simulates either 350 or 5000 ohm transducer bridge
• Rugged, weatherproof case
• Precision wire-wound resistors 



The Model TS is a strain gage transducer simulator for use in
calibration or testing display/indicators and signal conditioning
amplifiers (pressure, force, torque or weigh systems). It greatly
assists in trouble shooting, and testing of systems that use strain
gage transducers. The Model TS simulates either a 350 ohm or
5000 ohm strain gage transducer bridge with precise adjustments
for transducer sensitivities in five ranges in 0.5 mV/V to
10 mV/V. The output adjustments are in 10 % increments from 0
to 100 % of each of the above ranges. No batteries to replace
as the excitation voltage is supplied by the instrument to be


Electrical Specifications

Characteristic / Measure

Input excitation requirements 4.5 Vdc to 12 Vdc, constant voltage only
Input resistance 350 ohm or 5000 ohm
Full scale output ranges 0.5 mV/V, 1 mV/V, 2 mV/V, 5 mV/V and 10 mV/V
Output adjustment 0 % to 100 % in 10 % steps
Output linearity and hysteresis, typical ±0.05 % of full scale
Output linearity and hysteresis, maximum ±0.10 % of full scale
Output zero balance, 350 ohm resistance ±100 microvolts max.
Output zero balance, 5000 ohm resistance 0.01 % of full scale max.

Environmental Specifications

Characteristic / Measure

Temperature, operating 4 °C to 38 °C [40 °F to 100 °F]
Temperature, storage -29 °C to 91 °C [-20 °F to 195 °F]

Physical Specifications

Characteristic / Measure

Connections Binding posts for use with wire or banana jackets
Case size (W x H x D) 17,8 cm x 12,7 cm x 12,7 cm [7 in x 5 in x 5 in]
Case material Aluminum
Weight 1 kg [2.5 lb]

Not RoHS compliant 

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