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Transdutor de deslocamento de longo curso DLE DC-DC honeywell

Transdutor de deslocamento de longo curso

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Transdutor de deslocamento de longo curso
Transdutor de deslocamento de longo curso
Principais características


• ±0.25 % non-linearity
• ±12,7 mm to 470 mm [±0.5 in to 18.5 in] range
• Low voltage requirements
• Easy to operate
• Stainless steel construction
• Reverse polarity protected
• Single or dual supply wiring (field selectable)
• Infinite resolution
• Captive guided armature
• Not RoHS compliant 



Model DLE (captive guided armature) operates from either 5
Vdc regulated or 6 Vdc to 18 Vdc unregulated and generate an
output signal of ±2 Vdc. The output signal is electrically isolated
from the input voltage and can be used with digital panel meters
to from a complete readout system. The DLE, captive guided
armature has stroke ranges of ±0.5 in to ±18.5 in. 


Performance Specifications

Characteristic / Measure

Stroke range ±12,7 mm to 470 mm [±0.5 in to 18.5 in]
Non-linearity (max.) ±12,5 mm to 254 mm [±0.5 in to ±10 in] ±0.25 % full scale
Non-linearity (max.) ±381 mm to 470 mm [±15 in to 18.5 in] ±0.5 % full scale
Output load (min.) 2000 ohm
Output impedance 2 ohm
Output sensitivity ±2 Vdc (nominal)
Isolation 1000 V input to output
Polarity Output positive for outward stroke

Environmental Specifications

Characteristic / Measure

Temperature, operating -50 °C to 70 °C [-58 °F to 158 °F]
Temperature effect, zero (max.) 0.006 % full scale/°F
Temperature effect, span max.) 0.017 % full scale/°F

Electrical Specifications

Characteristic / Measure

Element type dc-dc displacement transducer
Input supply (acceptable), regulated 5 Vdc @ 100 mA max.
Input supply (acceptable), unregulated 6 Vdc to 18 Vdc @ 100 mA max.
Ripple 30 mV peak to peak
Electrical termination Multiconductor shielded cable (1.83 m [6 ft])
Reverse polarity protection Yes

Mechanical Specifications

Characteristic / Measure

Case material Stainless steel
Probe material Stainless steel
Armature type Captive guided
Probe thread M5 x 0.8
Spring force (max.) Not applicable 

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