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Transdutor de deslocamento submersível DW7C DC-DC honeywell

Transdutor de Deslocamento Submersível

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Transdutor de Deslocamento Submersível
Transdutor de Deslocamento Submersível
Principais características



Model DW7C submersible displacement transducer is often

ideal for drilling, mining, and hydraulic engineering applications

which require a displacement transducer with a stainless

steel, waterproof construction. This model may be used as direct

measuring linear displacement devices or positional feedback

elements in dynamic systems. They are suitable for submersion

in fresh water and some corrosive fluids for long periods.




• ±0.25 % non-linearity

• Submersible

• Stainless steel construction

• Easy to operate

• 5 m [16 ft] submersible mating connector (standard)

• ±12,7 mm to 101,6 mm range [±0.5 in to ±4.0 in range]

• Infinite resolution

• Single or dual supply wiring (field selectable)

• Reverse polarity protected

• Captive guided armature

• Not RoHS compliant


Performance Specifications


Characteristic / Measure


Stroke range ±12,7 mm to 101,6 mm [±0.5 in to 4 in]

Non-linearity (max.) ±0.25 % full scale

Output sensitivity See table


Environmental Specifications


Characteristic / Measure


Temperature, operating -40 °C to 70 °C [-40 °F to 158 °F]

Temperature effect, zero (max.) 0.005 % full scale/°F

Temperature effect, span (max.) 0.015 % full scale/°F

Pressure rating, standard 150 psi, up to 3000 psi with cable options


Electrical Specifications


Characteristic / Measure


Element type dc-dc displacement transducer

Input supply (acceptable) ±10 Vdc to 20 Vdc unregulated

(45 mA max.) or 20 Vdc to 40 Vdc unregulated (45 mA max.)

Electrical termination Submersible mating connector with

5.03 m [16.5 ft] cable


Mechanical Specifications


Characteristic / Measure


Case material Stainless steel

Probe material Stainless steel

Armature type Captive guided

Probe thread M5 x 0.8 in

Spring force (max.) Not applicable


Range Codes


Range Code Available ranges

HP ±12,7 mm [±0.5 in]

HQ ±25,4 mm [±1.0 in]

HR ±50,8 mm [±2.0 in]

HS ±76,2 mm [±3.0 in]

HT ±101,6 mm [±4.0 in]

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