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Transdutor de pessão diferencial wet/wet A-5 Low honeywell

Transdutor de Pressão Diferencial Wet/Wet

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Transdutor de Pressão Diferencial Wet/Wet
Transdutor de Pressão Diferencial Wet/Wet
Principais características


• 0.5 % FS accuracy
• 0.5 psid to 30 psid
• mV/V (standard), 4 mA to 20 mA, 0 Vdc to 5 Vdc, or 0 Vdc
to 10 Vdc output
• Intrinsically safe available (2N option only)
• CE approved 



The Model A-5 low range wet/wet differential pressure transducer
offers a stainless steel assembly. The Model A-5 line pressure
zero shift specification can be reduced to less than
0.5 % FS/1000 psi by the use of an internal line pressure sensor
and analog correction circuit. Line pressures are available up to
5000 psig with safe overload of either side up to the maximum
line rating. The natural resonant frequency is increased with the
Model A-5 because of a stiffer pressure sensing element.
A variety of standard options are available with the Model A-5 including
the traditional removable pressure adaptors for cleaning
purposes, alternative pressure ports, internal amplifiers options,
and electrical terminations.  


Performance Specifications

Characteristic / Measure

Pressure ranges ±0.5, 1, 2, 5, 15, 25, 30 psid**
Accuracy ±0.5 % full scale
Linearity ±0.25 % full scale (typical)
Hysteresis ±0.13 % full scale (typical)
Non-repeatability ±0.07 % full scale (typical)
Output (standard) 0.5 psid 1.0 mV/V (nominal)
Output (standard) 1 psid to 4 psid 1.5 mV/V (nominal)
Output (standard) 5 psid to
30 psid 2.0 mV/V (nominal)
Line pressure 1500 psi
Resolution Infinite


Environmental Specifications

Characteristic / Measure

Temperature, operating -1 °C to 88 °C [30 °F to 190 °F]
Temperature, compensated -1 °C to 54 °C [30 °F to 130 °F]
Temperature, effect, zero ±0.75 % full scale/100 °F
Temperature, effect, span ±1 % reading/100 °F


Electrical Specifications

Characteristic / Measure

Strain gage type Bonded foil
Excitation (calibration) 10 Vdc
Excitation (acceptable) Up to 10 Vdc or ac
Insulation resistance 5000 mOhm @ 50 Vdc max.
Bridge resistance 350 ohm (nominal)
Shunt calibration data Included
Elec. termination (std) Bendix PTIH-10-6P or equivalent
Mating connector (not incl.) Bendix PT06A-10-6S or equiv. (AA111) 


Mechanical Specifications

Characteristic Measure

Media All fluid and gases compatible
with 316 stainless steel
Overload-safe 1500 psi
Pressure port 1/8-27 NPT female (2)
Dead volume 0.4 cu. in
Wetted parts material 316 stainless steel
Weight 3.63 kg [8 lb]
Case material Stainless steel

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