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Transmissor de nível 2 fios 2-Wire level transmitter 5343A

Transmissor de Nível

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Transmissor de Nível
Transmissor de Nível
Principais características

Potentiometer or Ohmic input
Programmable sensor error value
High measurement accuracy
Unique process calibration function
Programmable via standard PC


Conversion of resistance variation to standard analog current signals, e.g. from Ohmic level sensors or valve positions.
User-defined linearization function can be activated.

For DIN form B sensor head or DIN rail mounting with a special fitting. 


Within a few seconds the user can program PR5343A to measure within the defined Ohmic values.

Continuous check of vital stored data for safety reasons.

The transmitter is protected against polarity reversal.

PR5343A is configured to the current task by way of a PC, the PReset software and the communications interface Loop Link.

The PRelevel configuration tool included in the PReset software has been developed specifically for the configuration of level applications. Among other things, it contains a function for ”on line” measurement of input span as well as a linearization function for volume linear output from horizontal cylindrical tanks.


Environmental Conditions

Specifications range -40°C to +85°C

Calibration temperature 20...28°C

Relative humidity < 95% RH (non-cond.)

Protection degree (encl./terminal) IP68 / IP00


Mechanical specifications

Dimensions Ø 44 x 20.2 mm

Weight approx. 50 g

Wire size 1 x 1.5 mm2 stranded wire

Screw terminal torque 0.4 Nm

Vibration IEC 60068-2-6 : 2007

Vibration: 2...25 Hz ±1.6 mm

Vibration: 25...100 Hz ±4 g


Common specifications


Supply voltage 8.0...35 VDC


Response time

Response time (programmable) 0.33...60 s

Internal consumption 25 mW…0.8 W

Voltage drop 8.0 VDC

Warm-up time 5 min.

Communications interface Loop Link

Signal / noise ratio Min. 60 dB

Accuracy Better than 0.1% of selected range

Signal dynamics, input 19 bit

Signal dynamics, output 16 bit

Effect of supply voltage change < 0.005% of span / VDC

EMC immunity influence < ±0.5% of span


Input specifications

Common input specifications

Max. offset 50% of selected max. value

Linear resistance input

Measurement range / min. range (span) 0...100 kΩ / 1 kΩ

Cable resistance per wire (max.) 100 Ω

Sensor current > 25 μA, < 120 μA

Effect of sensor cable resistance (3-wire) < 0.002 Ω / Ω

Sensor error detection, lin. R Yes

Min. measurement range 1 kΩ


Output specifications

Current output

Signal range 4…20 mA

Min. signal range 16 mA

Load resistance ≤ (Vsupply - 8) / 0.023 [Ω]

Load stability ≤0.01% of span / 100 Ω

Sensor error indication Programmable 3.5…23 mA

NAMUR NE 43 Upscale/Downscale 23 mA / 3.5 mA

Common output specifications

Updating time 135 ms

*of span = of the presently selected range



EMC 2004/108/EC

ATEX 94/9/EC KEMA 10ATEX0004 X

IECEx DEK 13.0036X


EAC TR-CU 020/2011

DNV Marine Stand. f. Certific. No. 2.4

GL V1-7-2

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