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Condicionador Indicador AC Carrier ou DC Strain Gage 7541 Honeywell

Torque, head, or drawbar force input

One or two channel input

Six-digit engineering

RS-232, RS-422, RS-485

±5V or ±10V analog outputs

3.28 kHz, 3V rms; dc models, 5V or 10V dc

CE approved



These advanced instruments provide engineering unit display of a strain gage (mV/V) input and a frequency input. They also compute power and perform 21 functions including limit checks, tare, hold and max./min. capture. You needn’t write code or add hardware to be up and running a productive test. The alphanumeric readout can display measured and computed data, units of measure, and test status. During setup, it guides you with English language prompts. There are no manual adjustments. To calibrate, enter the full scale value in engineering units and auto-cal takes over. Provides 0.01 % (max.) resolution and ±5 V and/or ±10 V analog outputs at full scale. The keyboard accesses measured data, held data, max./min. data, data spread, limit status, and/or I/O status without disruption. Password protection may be used, if needed.

Downloads: Datasheet