Conversor de Temperatura mA 9113AA

Entrada RTD/TC/mA, saída mA, SIL 2, isolado, 1 canal 24 VDC

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Configuration and monitoring by way of detachable display front (PR 4511/4501); process calibration and signal simulation.Copying of the configuration from one device to others of the same type via the display front.TC inputs can use either the internal CJC or a terminal with a built-in Pt100 sensor (PR 5910, channel 1 / PR 5913, channel 2) for higher accuracy.The device automatically detects whether it must supply an active or a passive current signal.Advanced monitoring of internal communication and stored data.SIL 2 functionality is optional and must be activated in a menu point.

The device can be mounted in and receive signals from non-classified area and zone 2.Conversion and scaling of temperature (Pt, Ni and TC) and active current signals.9113A has been designed, developed and certified for use in SIL 2 applications according to the requirements of IEC 61508.

The devices can be mounted vertically or horizontally without distance between neighbouring units.