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Encoder Incremental Magnético PMIS4/PMIR7/PMIR7N

  • Anéis magnéticos para aplicações rotativas com cabeça de sensor
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Magnetic rings for rotative applications with POSIROT position sensor PMIS4

All metal housing (sensor head PMIS4)

Protection class IP67

Highest EMC protection

Large guiding distance of +/-1 mm

Suitable for harsh environments

Up to 184,320 pulses/360°

For shaft diameters of 20, 27, 35 and 50 mm

Magnet rings with index mark

Incremental magnetic encoder rings


Elastomer bonded hard ferrite]

Base material

PMIR7:Stainless steel, PMIR7N:aluminium

Poles per revolution

50/ 64/ 90 poles/360°

Magnetic period

2 mm

Temperature range

-40 … +85°C

Linearity with sensor PMIS4

Approx. +/-0.1°

Magnetic incremental encoder output

Incremental encoder output A/B with differential push-pull output, TL/24V-, TTL/RS-422- or HTL-compatible

Excitation voltage

10 … 30 V DC or 5 V DC +/-5 %

Excitation current

50 mA to 300 mA, depending on pulse frequency,

cable length and load

Magnetic period of the sensor

2 mm 5 mm

Guided spacing between sensor and wheel Xz

0.1 … 0.8 mm 0.1 … 2 mm

Side tracking tolerance of the sensor

+/-1 mm +/-1 mm

Linearity (sensor with magnetic wheel PMIR4)

+/-0.1° +/-0.1°


+/-1 digit +/-1 digit

Maximum pulse frequency Fp

50, 20, 10 kHz (standard 50 kHz, max. 480 kHz)

Output signals

A, A (barred), B, B (barred),

signal Z, Z (barred), (optional)

status signal ERR (barred) (optional)

Material of housing

Zinc die casting


Cable 8 wire, dia. 5 mm, open cable end.

15 pin D-Sub conn. at the cable end as option.

Max. length of the integrated sensor cable:

output TTL: 3 m; HTL/LTT24V: 20 m

Weight (w/o cable and connector)

30 +/-5 g

Protection class (EN60529)



EN60068-2-27: 1993, 50 g 6ms, 100 shocks


EN60068-2-6: 1995, 20 g, 10-2000 Hz, 10 cycles




-40 … +85°C (-40 … +185°F)

Downloads: DatasheetManual

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