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Portable strain display load cell/force indicator 7561-PSD Honeywell

AA internal batteries

Instrument weighing 250g

Dual-range selection and on/off controls

Single-pass calibration

Dual range

Range of up to 50 mV/V


7½ digit LCD display

Auto sleep

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The 7561-PSD is a completely portable strain gage/bridge-based battery-powered indicator, packaged in a small, robust IP65/ NEMA 4 enclosure. For simplified use, the operator only has access to six keys. Two separate ranges are available which enable the instrument to read and display two units of measure. The menu options offer the ability to tailor the instrument’s response to the application. Gross, net, peak, and trough (valley) measurements are easily selected. An annunciator indicates which range has been selected. There is also a window, to insert a legend, describing each range. Once these parameters are set, it provides the user with the simplest of indicators.

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