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Transdutor de deslocamento de longo curso DLB DC-DC Honeywell

±12,7 mm to ±203,2 mm [±0.5 in to ±8 in]

Low voltage requirements

Easy to operate

Stainless steel construction

Reverse polarity protected

Single or dual supply wiring (field selectable)

Infinite resolution

Free unguided armature

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Model DLB (free unguided) displacement transducer operates from either 5 Vdc regulated or 6 Vdc to 18 Vdc unregulated and generates an output signal of ±2 Vdc. The output signal is electrically isolated from the input voltage and can be used with digital panel meters to from a complete readout system. The DLB, free unguided is available with stroke ranges of ±0.5 in to ±8.0 in