Célula de carga com baixo perfil de precisão 75 Honeywell

0.10 % accuracy

50 lb to 200000 lb

mV/V output (standard); 4 mA to 20 mA or 0 Vdc to 5 Vdc

(optional) outputs

Stainless steel

Double diaphragm design

Enhanced overload capacity

Intrinsically safe available (2N option only)

CE approved

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Honeywell’s Model 75 load cells are engineered for applications such as materials or product fatigue testing, which involve an extremely large number of cycles or occasional overload conditions. These fatigue rated load cells have load ranges from 50 lb to 200,000 lbs and achieve a non-linearity of 0.1% full scale. The superior design of these bonded foil, strain gage compression and/or tension load cells permits a fatigue life of 1 billion cycles (zero to full scale). Model 75 measures tension/compression and must be used on a smooth flat surface to achieve rated specifications. The tension/ compression Model 75 is designed with the threaded hole running completely through the center of the cell. Model 75 utilizes two stabilizing diaphragms, which are welded to the sensing member to reduce off-center and side-loading effects.

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Célula de carga com baixo perfil de precisão 75 Honeywell
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