Escala Magnética PMIB3

  • Escala de medição magnética adequada para o sensor PMIS3
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Magnetic scale PMIB3 for Position Sensor PMIS3

Easy splicing

Resistant to moisture and many fluids

Extensive ruggedness against dust etc.

High temperature durability

Magnetic scale with stainless steel base

Solid measure

Plastic bonded flexible permanent magnet

Base material

Stainless steel CrNi 17 7 / elastomer

Masking tape

Stainless steel (non magnetic)

Measurement ranges

e.g. 100 … 2500 mm (up to 50 m on request)


10 mm +0.1 mm / -0.2 mm

Thickness (w/o masking tape)

1.4 mm +0.1 mm / -0.2 mm

Thickness (with masking tape)

1.6 mm +0.1 mm / -0.2 mm

Magnetic period

2 mm 5 mm

Linearity at 25°C

up to 30 m +/-40 micro m/m +/-40 micro m/m

up to 50 m +/-80 micro m/m +/-80 micro m/m

Reference mark (reference pulse)

max. every 4 mm max. every 10 mm

Measurement range

Must be divisible by 4 must be divisible by 10

Linear thermal expansion coefficient

17 x 10 to the power of 6(^6)/K

Operating temperature

-40 … +100°C

Downloads: Datasheet

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Escala Magnética PMIB3
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