Programmable single-channel transducer indicator/conditioner SC500 Honeywell

Transducer inputs

Small 1/8 DIN form factor

Setup-calibration via sig cal

Shunt-cal mV/V or known load calibration

Peak/valley capture

Selectable frequency to 250 Hz and calibration

CE approved

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The SC series models are self-calibrating microprocessorbased transducer signal conditioners when used with sig mod equipped transducers. Indicators are available with several different types of input channels and output channels. When used with unamplified strain gage transducers that have the signature calibration module installed, these instruments will completely self calibrate zero, span, decimal point, and engineering units automatically. Input channels are available for a variety of transducers. Each input channel includes an excitation power supply and either an isolated voltage (optional) or isolated current analog output (optional). • Unamplified pressure or load • Pressure or load with internal voltage amplifiers • Pressure or load with internal or external two-wire current amplifiers • ac/ac displacement transducer • dc/dc displacement transducer Available output channels for the SC500 include: • Contact relays for the two form C or three form A optional limits • Isolated digital-to-analog voltage (±5 Vdc or 0 Vdc to 10 Vdc) In addition to the physical input and output channels, up to three virtual channels can be configured to assist in many potential applications.

Downloads: Datasheet

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Programmable single-channel transducer indicator/conditioner SC500 Honeywell
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